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CaaS for contact center automation. Built on an all-in-one application suite, this solution is offered as a scalable service that delivers more functionality and a better ROI than most in-house communications systems.  (Download - A New Approach to Communications as a Service (CaaS) Whitepaper)

Full-service CaaS offering

CaaS Contact Center improves operational performance with IVR, ACD, call recording, screen pop integration and multichannel routing of e-mail and web chat. Agents and supervisors also improve service levels with desktop call control, desktop faxing, unified messaging, and real-time presence and monitoring.

Positive ROI from the start With our CaaS service, you pay only for the capabilities you need and the agents, supervisors and business users you require. Monthly costs are predictable and easy to budget, with minimal (or no) capital expenditures and far less IT overhead than on-premise data centers require. That way, your ROI starts positively and stays high — since there’s little on-premise equipment and unending operational costs to diminish your return.

Key Benefits

  • Local control over your valuable data, decreasing security risks
  • Increased flexibility to configure and modify call flows, IVR flows and interaction processes
  • Advanced contact center features that include call recording, real-time monitoring and outbound dialing
  • Deployment models designed to provide survivability and the highest reliability
  • Predictable monthly payments with minimal, or no, capital expenditures, designed to maximize ROI
  • Flexible deployment models, with an optional migration path to a premise-based system

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