Is CaaS Right for You?

Selecting a CaaS Provider

How do you select a CaaS Provider? There are many options to choose from, but you should choose wisely. Here’s a quick look at some options.

Provider Options Pros Cons

Traditional Carriers – telephone company that offers communication applications as part of their services offerings.

You likely have an established relationships with them and are doing business with them.

They have a poor track record with complex applications.

They typically provide limited features and applications and cater to the smaller businesses.

They often buy solutions from multiple vendors and integrate them together into a single offering.

High administration costs and lack of control.

Traditional Application Service Providers (ASPs) – vendors that host online business applications and make them available on a subscription basis. Some of the applications could include contact center/communications solutions.

More applications to offer than the traditional carrier.

The ASP doesn’t own the contact center/communications software. This leads to a lack of control.

Start-up CaaS/SaaS Providers – vendors focusing specifically on providing contact center/IP communications in a hosted environment.

Costs are typically lower as they try to gain market share.

Risk is increased as these are typically small companies with a lack of financial resources, track record and experience.

Feature set is often limited.

Contact Center/Communications Software Companies

Broad range of applications.

Owner and developer of software.

Rapid deployment of new applications and features.

Offers most control and experience/best practices.

Flexible deployment options.

Feature set may be broader than needed.

Uses a 3rd party telco infrastructure for delivery of voice which can drive up costs for customer.

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