The Buzz on CaaS

  • While small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are attracted to the operating expenditure (opex) financial model, hosted contact center services are being embraced by the larger enterprises as well.
    Gartner Dec. 2009
  • The number of CaaS agent positions will grow from 107k in 2008 to 331k in 2013 – a CAGR of 25%.
    Gartner Feb. 2009

  • Given today’s tight economic environment and these potential savings, the hosted or on-demand contact center solution must be considered when an SME is considering implementing or revamping a customer interaction software application.
    Yankee Group March 2008
  • Frost & Sullivan believes that the hosted contact center market is currently moving out of the early adopter stage, with immense growth potential for the future. Our revenue and seat forecasts for the market are very optimistic. The compound average growth rate (CAGR) for the forecast period is estimated at 29.1 percent.
    Frost & Sullivan - September 2009
  • The most popular reason for choosing hosting, cited by 50% of respondents, was the beneficial cost structure it delivers: no capital investment and a pay-as-you-go approach to expenses. There should be no surprise that this rises to the top, given the traditional cost containment bias that centers have baked into their operational environment.

    But what should be surprising is that 49% of respondents cited the ease of provisioning and managing remote and multi-site agents; almost as many (47%) cited "flexibility and business agility" as drivers in their choice to go with hosting.

    Having those reasons at the highest points of the driver pyramid suggest that contact centers are very aware that their operational environment is changing – it is becoming vastly more complex in ways that prior technology deployment modes do not always address.
    Frost & Sullivan December 2009
  • The hosted contact center market in North America reached nearly $400 million in revenues in 2008, and was growing at the torrid rate of 34% year over year. Clearly, people in the contact center business see the benefits of hosting, and are moving quickly to avail themselves of vendor offerings.
    Frost & Sullivan – December 2009

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