Contact Center in the Cloud: How Much Control Will I Have?

Moving your contact center to the cloud is an important decision.

One of the biggest questions is, "How much control will I have?"

• Functionality
• Financials
• Resources
• Deployment
• Availability
• Security

Hear Richard Snow, from Ventana Research, and Jason Alley, from Interactive Intelligence, discuss the control contact centers can expect from cloud-based systems, and the flexibility cloud providers can extend to your contact center operations.

Critical issues, critical questions. You have issues to weigh, and you have questions that need answering. We'll help you dig deeper into the impact that "taking control" with a cloud-based solution can have on your business so you can make the right decision.

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Cloud-based Communications: Do you know why?

Executives are mandating that their IT/Telecom departments must switch away from their premise-based communications solutions to a hosted, Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution. Why? To......reduce or eliminate capital expenditures

...reduce IT educational and support costs
...reduce IT footprint
...increase deployment flexibility
...develop a disaster recovery plan

During this interactive webinar we will we explore these reasons, the value and importance of a CaaS solution for your business, as well as tackle the common questions associated with choosing a CaaS vendor.

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Are cloud-based communications right for you?
How is cloud-based technology different than Centrex?
What about security and voice quality? Can it scale to take on large enterprise? Contact center?
What about Distributed environments?
How quickly can the move to cloud-based communications be made?
And many more...

Contact Center CaaS Deployments – Low/no upfront costs, reduced IT requirements, shorter implementation times. Is it reality?

Communications as a Service (CaaS) is rapidly gaining acceptance with contact centers of all sizes as an alternative to premised based systems. This is a reflection of today’s economic realities and cost cutting mandates, while organizations still push for improved customer service that retain customers and differentiate from competitors. Join Joe Staples, Sr. Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Interactive Intelligence and Roe Jones, Product Manager, Interactive Intelligence for this webinar to learn how CaaS solutions can:

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  • Reduce your capital expenditure and eliminate ongoing costs for maintenance, support and software upgrades
  • Enable a migration to VoIP or extend your investment in existing communication infrastructure via integration
  • Enhance the customer experience by adding advanced contact center services such as multi-channel ACD with recording, supervisory features, post call surveys, outbound dialing and much more
  • Provide predictable monthly costs with the flexibility to increase agent staffing, and capacity as necessary
  • Examine three deployment options that can impact information security, deployment costs, and flexibility
  • Maintain visibility and control of customer interactions in a multi-site environment with agents working at headquarters, branch offices or at home

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Has the Time Come to Consider Using a Hosted Contact Center Solution?

Much has changed since the ASPs of the mid-90s were going to change the way the world deployed software. The biggest of those changes has been the wide adoption of voice over IP and the flexibility and cost model associated with it. In this webinar the speakers will examine:

  • The benefits of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.
  • The costing comparison between a premise-based solution and a hosted offering.
  • The limitations hosted customers should be prepared to encounter.
  • Five questions you should be sure your hosted provider can respond to correctly.
  • The best way to ensure that you aren't compromising security if you choose a hosted solution.
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If you have questions, or for more information, please contact Interactive Intelligence Marketing at 317.872.3000 or e-mail

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