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March 10, 2009

Candy Co. Selects SPS Commerce for SaaS-Based Supply Chain Integration

Hammond’s Candies, a handmade candy company in the United States, reportedly has selected SPS Commerce for supply chain integration.
According to SPS Commerce officials, the candy company will automate its order processing with’s Integrated Electronic Data Interchange Service for suppliers.
Officials claimed that by automating this function, Hammond’s Candies will not need to hire additional resources to manage increasing EDI volume, as well as reduce the chargebacks associated with manual entry processes and enable their sales staff to focus on core responsibilities.
“Our retail customers are increasingly asking Hammond’s to communicate via EDI,” said Erin Koelzer, director of national sales at Hammond’s Candies, in a statement.
Koelzer said that until now, this is something that the company was able to manually process using a Web form EDI solution and then rekey into our Great Plains system.
However, the company’s volume of orders via EDI increased dramatically in 2008, causing this task to become too cumbersome for existing staff.
“Instead of adding to our team, Hammond’s Candies elected to automate instead. With their proven expertise and outstanding customer service, we selected to advance our use of,” Koelzer said. is a suite of outsourced services that improve the way trading partners manage and fulfill orders in the retail supply chain. As one of the industry’s largest trading partner integration center, uses an outsourced, Software-as-a-Service approach and pre-built integrations to help customers get up-and-running quickly without investing in technology infrastructure or staff.
Archie Black, president and chief executive officer of SPS Commerce, said that with its SaaS (News - Alert) trading partner integration center, the company can offer a rapid solution to their integration challenges with no software or hardware required, and the solution is proven daily by more than 10,000 suppliers, 3PLs, retailers and other trading partners.
SPS Commerce deals in SaaS B2B integration, connecting every partner in the supply chain. Retailers, manufacturers and 3PLs have selected SPS Commerce as their outsourced provider to automate and integrate their trading relationships.
“We are pleased to have provided Hammond’s with the superior customer service that has led them to continue to partner with SPS and adopt new solutions as their needs advance,” Black said.

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