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Avaya Receives NorthFace Scoreboard Award from Omega Management

March 24, 2015

Avaya (News - Alert) announced on Monday that Omega Management had given it the NorthFace Scoreboard (NFSB) Award for Customer Service Excellence for 2014. According to Omega, it reviews customer satisfaction survey results from more than 500 companies to determine which companies will earn the award. In order for a company to be considered for the award, it must complete and submit Omega’s NFSB Questionnaire, which evaluates the company’s survey methodology.

North Billerica, Massachusetts-based Omega Management Group Corp (News - Alert). develops customer management strategy programs that emphasize delivering a great customer experience and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. It developed the CEMDNA Playbook Strategy, which provides a roadmap for implementation, along with a means of measuring and analyzing results, taking action if needed and then addressing the bottom line through communications, win-back strategies and ROI.

According to a video produced by Omega, companies typically use a product or service-centric approach when it comes to maximizing profitability. Omega counters that customers are the source of revenue and profits instead of products or services, therefore a customer-centric strategy should be put in place to maximize success.

Created in 2000, the NFSB Award has more credibility in Omega’s opinion, because it is strictly based on customer input and does not use input from a panel of experts. The scale ranges from one to five. A score of five means a business exceeded customer expectations; four means it was above expectations; three means it met expectations; two means it was below expectations and one means the company did not meet expectations.

Companies in the running for the NFSB Award must submit to a quarterly audit from Omega, which reviews survey processes and ratings, then provides the results to company stakeholders. A company must have a score of 4.0 or better over a 12-month calendar period to receive the award.

It would be awkward from a PR standpoint if a company like Avaya, which provides systems allowing companies to provide a better customer experience, did not also provide a great experience to its own customers. That said, Avaya does provide a great customer experience and the recognition it receives from Omega is not just another meaningless award. With the NFSB Award, Omega has found a way to encourage businesses to provide great customer service over a sustained period of time and remain accountable to its stakeholders. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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