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Communications as a Service (CaaS) Featured Article

  • Taking Cloud-based Communications for a Test Drive

    To paraphrase and update an old saying that has become particularly relevant for communications, "The next best thing to being there is having a great remote user experience." Ever since Morse, Marconi, Bell and a few others turned the history of remote communications from a subset of transportation (trains, ships, railroads, the Pony Express, etc.) the goal of those in the business of using dedicated communications media (cable and wireless) has been to provide user experiences that replicate o… [ Read More ]
  • Improving the Customer Experience with Visual IVR

    There is no denying that we process visual information better than audial. Especially in the Internet Age, where we are certainly more distracted than ever, remembering what somebody said is becoming more difficult and we need visual aids. [ Read More ]
  • Tis the Season for Leveraging Your Communications as a Service (CaaS) Capabilities

    With the holiday season now at hand, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider Vonage is providing a nice stocking stuffer to delight its customers. The Holmdel, NJ-based company is bringing back its free Vonage Wish List Hotline to Santa Claus. If you have young kids who believe in Saint Nick you might wish to check it out. [ Read More ]
  • ThinkingPhones Acquires Fuze to Enhance UCaaS Experiences

    ThinkingPhones acquisition of cloud-based video conferencing company Fuze expands UCaaS platform capabilities. [ Read More ]

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