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TeleMate's Unified Communications Analytics Helps Companies Maximize UC Potential

July 09, 2015

TeleMate.Net Software recently introduced a UC analytics solution that allows decision makers to take action to make their UC platform as effective as possible. It shows that while moving to UC can allow companies to improve communications internally and with customers, the technology by itself is not enough. It must also be accompanied by data that allows management to improve UC operation.

Quality of experience (QoE) is one condition that TeleMate’s UC analytics tracks. A good QoE ensures that connections and any applications are working properly. Traffic analysis is another important feature that allows management to address bottlenecks by adding capacity or changing usage.

Call centers can also be more productive with TeleMate’s analytics. One of the most frustrating experiences for customers on support calls is the long time they often have to wait before speaking to an agent. Many of them give up and disconnect the call. By tracking abandoned calls, management has some direction in determining why these happen. Does the call center need more agents, is there bad load balancing with calls, is the hardware failing? Solving these issues makes for a better call center, but management has to be aware of them first.

Other conditions that can be tracked include:

  • Costs
  • Billing, security
  • Videoconferencing performance

TeleMate’s UC analytics work with the major platforms on the market including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft (News - Alert) and Polycom.

TeleMate claims that most of its customers used analytics tools previously, but in isolation from each other. This lack of integration prevented admins and management from seeing the ‘big picture’ on how their UC deployment functioned.

There may not be any technology in 2015 that receives as much press as UC does. The danger in it getting so much attention is that there will be a growing tendency to see UC as a magic wand that suddenly improves communication and makes businesses more efficient and better at customer service.

Those outcomes are certainly possible, but UC customers need to look at the technology as a tool. It can’t help you if you don’t use it properly, and you can’t know if you are using it properly if you don’t track performance, costs, quality, and other statistics that measure UC’s effectiveness.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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